Yogurtia, the Major Player in Fermented-foods Maker, Now in the Latest Model! The latest model of Yogurtia, a popular fermentor that is useful for making yogurt as well as other...

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Yogurtia, the Major Player in Fermented-foods Maker,
Now in the Latest Model!

Yogurtia S

The latest model of Yogurtia, a popular fermentor that is useful for making yogurt as well as other various fermented foods!

Significantly improved from the old Yogurtia! It has evolved to be easier to use.

We have enhanced functions that make it easier to make fermented food, such as temperature setting, timer, and the addition of a buzzer function.

If you buy the Yogurtia at Kawashima the Japan Store, you will also get Kawashima the Japan Store's Collection of Handmade Food Recipes!

It has been over 45 years since Tanika Electric Co., Ltd. manufactured the first yogurt maker in Japan in 1971.
Since then, Tanica has continued to engage their customer with "Fun, Delicious, Beautiful living" motto. Then, a brand new Yogurtia was created, which changes the modern Japanese dining table.

Variety of Homemade Foods
That Can be Made with This Device Alone!

You Can Make Various Yogurt!

You can make yogurt using commercially available yogurt as seed culture starter bacteria or use powdered seed culture starter to make various homemade yogurts such as Caspian Sea yogurt, ABCT yogurt, Kefir yogurt, etc.

You Can Make Various Yogurt

You Can Make Additive-free Sweet Sake (Amazake) Using Koji

Sweet sake or Amazake is Japanese traditional ”nutritional drink”.

Besides vitamins and amino acids, it contains more than 100 enzymes.

You can make homemade sweet sake (Amazake) of a living enzyme that is different in concentration from the commercial products.

Sweet sake made from koji has 0% alcohol.

You Can Make Additive-free Amazake Using Koji

You Can Make Various Handmade Fermented Foods at Home

Homemade fermented food is more safe than the products that commercially sold in market, and you can make it without any additives.

Because you can choose the ingredients yourself, your children and the whole family can eat the foods safely .

If you use Yogurtia S, you can make fermented foods easily by just putting in the ingredients and setting the temperature and the timer.

More Economical!
Homemade Yogurt at a Cost of 1/5

You can made yogurt at a cost of 1/5 (of the cost you pay if you buy yogurt at the market with the same volume as you made it yourself with Yogurtia S) by using commercially available cup yogurt as a culture starter bacteria. If you make it with seed culture starter, it will be more cost efficient.

With Yogurtia S, you can make delicious yogurt at an amazing less price.

Homemade Yogurt at a Cost of 1/5

(Because the infographic above is in Japanese, we will explain it to you in English here)

The Cost of One Month's Portion of Yogurt
(Based on the calculation of a family of four people, with one person eat 100g of yogurt per day)

Note: JPY = Japanese currency, Yen. USD = US currency, US Dollar.

If you eat yogurt bought from the market with price about JPY 110 (about USD 1) per one cup, you will be cost:

4 people x JPY 110 (USD 1) x 30 days
= JPY 13,200 (about USD 120)

If you eat yogurt made by yourself using Yogurtia S, you will be cost only JPY 22 (about USD 0.2)!!
But, how??

If you use Yogurtia, you can make one month's portion of yogurt (based on the calculation of a family of four people, with one person eat 100g of yogurt per day), with only:

・ 1 litre of milk (cost JPY 206, about USD 1.87) x 12 cartons (you need to make it 12 times to make one month's portion of yogurt)
= JPY 2472 (about USD 22.30)
・ 1 cup of market yogurt (used at first time only, as the culture starter bacteria)
= JPY 110 (about USD 1)
・ Electric bill (differ depending on the country/region, but in Japan it will be around)
JPY 2.3 (for one usage to make yogurt) x 12 times
= JPY 27.6 (about USD 0.25)

TOTAL = JPY 2,620 (about USD 23.63, differ depending on the country/region)

The cost if you made it yourself is 1/5 of the cost if you bought it on supermarket! It's 5 times more cost efficient!

You can save JPY 10,590 (about USD 95.5) per month by making yogurt by yourself with Yogurtia S!

Home-made, Delicious, No additives.
So Safe for Your Kids!

Safe for children

Lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt can increase good bacteria in the intestine and keep your stomach healthy.

Yogurt is said to be a "completely nutritious food" that is very good for stomach and health. It has high nutritional value, such as has high-quality protein, calcium, vitamins, etc.

Soymilk-based seed culture starter and soymilk can be used to make yogurt for children with milk allergy or lactose intolerance .
※Please separate the container and be careful of milk contamination.

You can Find Your Favorite Taste with the Milk of Your Choice


If "milk" is written on the product, you can make any yogurt from it (but of course it has to be drinkable liquid).

Milk is so rich in varieties, and delicious products are sold from a lot of manufacturers.

There are also different favorite dairy-farmers for different regions.

Do you want to make yogurt with your favorite ones?

You will Also Get Collection of Handmade Food Recipes Book!

If you buy the Yogurtia at Kawashima the Japan Store, you will also get Kawashima the Japan Store's Collection of Handmade Food Recipes book!

A total of 12 categories of popular hand-made recipes are written in it, focusing on fermented foods.

The recipes are so easy to understand even for beginners. Important points and notes are carefully described!

In this recipes book, we will intoduce you to the recipes that use Yogurtia in the making process, such as amazake or sweet sake, natto, and mozzarella cheese.

For our dear customers who order Yogurtia,
will get this present!

Kawashima the Japan Store's
Collection of Handmade Food Recipes!

・Amazake (Sweet Sake) 
・Kouso Genmai (Fermented Brown Rice)
・Mozzarella Cheese
Et cetera.

There are 12 categories of recipes in it!

recipe book

But for now, this Collection of Handmade Food Recipes book hasn't been available in English yet, and is only available in Japanese.

But don't be sad!
We have articles on our website for making fermented foods using Yogurtia.

Here are the pages:

Please enjoy making fermented foods at your home!

Yogurtia S Standard Set
Color Variations

This is "Yogurtia S Standard Set" that includes Yogurtia S body container and basic options.

There are 4 color variations that you can choose!

Yogurtia S Standard Set Includes...

This is the standard set of Yogurtia S.
This set is perfect for making yogurt with two PP resin inner containers.

Other than yogurt, you can also make various fermented foods such as amazake/sweet sake, salt koji, natto, miso, confit, and many more!

Yogurtia logo Yogurtia S Standard Set's Parts

  • Yogurtia S

    Yogurtia S main body
    (1 piece)

  • Questionnaire postcard

    Questionnaire postcard
    (1 sheet)

  • Instruction manual

    Instruction manual
    (1 copy)

  • Recipe book

    Recipe book
    (1 copy)

  • Yogurt spoon

    Yogurt spoon
    (1 piece)


  • Inner container body color lid

    Inner container,
    with lid the same color as the body
    (1 piece)

  • Inner container white color

    Inner container, white color
    (1 piece)

Plenty of Optional Items!
The Breadth of the Cooking is Broadened

These are optional items that make it easier to use Yogurtia S!

Optional items include a new water-draining basket, a soft-boiled egg stand where four hot spring eggs can be made at a time, a heat-resistant glass inner container, etc.

Fully Loaded with Great Features for Making Fermented Foods!
Here are Improved Things in This Yogurtia S

Faster, More Stable Fermentation with Enhanced Heater Performance

The temperature setting range has broadened to 25°C-70°C.

You can make Caspian Sea yogurt, confit, and hot spring eggs.

Using the heater with higher output than before, the rising speed to the set temperature is faster, and more stable fermentation can be performed.

Faster, More Stable Fermentation with Enhanced Heater Performance

A: Old Yogurtia model, B: Other brands' products

Improved to be Easier to Use

The size of the LCD screen in the new model is 2.3 times bigger than the old model.

Temperature and time are displayed respectively and brightness is also improved. The letters and symbols are also easier to see.

The operation buttons for temperature and time can be operated individually, making them easy to use.

Improved to be Easier to Use

The Timer Settings, Set in Minimum of 30 Minutes and Can be Added per 1 Hour Unit

The 30 minutes timer setting is added. Now you can use Yogurtia for wider range of fermented foods.

You can make the hot spring eggs (30 minutes process), amazake/sweet sake (6 hours process), and natto (48 hours process).

Along with that, the minutes is also displayed on the monitor.
This device will support your cooking experiences with features that never existed before!

  • ♦ Plain yogurt (commercial yogurt) → 40°C / 07 hours
  • ♦ Caspian Sea yogurt (in yoghurt form) → 27°C / 07 hours
  • ♦ Caspian Sea yogurt (powdered culture starter) → 27°C / 24 hours
  • ♦ Kefir (powdered culture starter) → 25°C / 24 hours
  • ♦ Amazake/sweet sake, shio koji/salt koji, shouyu koji, saikyo miso → 60°C / 06 hours
  • ♦ Natto → 45°C / 24 hours
  • ♦ Sourdough → 27°C / 24 hours

Buzzer that will Tell You When the Fermentation is Finished

The buzzer has been installed as a new function!

The buzzer will notify you at the end of fermentation.
An operation sound is also attached to the button.

Buzzer sound and operation sound can be switched on/off.

Buzzer that will Tell You When the Fermentation is Finished

Recommended Points of Yogurtia S

The most popular yogurt maker in Japan, Yogurtia, has made further progress.

The temperature setting is 25°C to 70°C, and the timer setting is 30 minutes, and you can add time per 1 hour until 48 hours.

Based on customer requests, we have enhanced the functions of this new model of Yogurtia, such as the buzzer function, LCD monitor improvements, inner container scale, and glass container support.

  • Temperature control

    Temperature control

    The temperature can be set to 25°C~70°C.
    Timer setting is 30 minutes to 48 hours.
    The heating capacity is increased, the temperature rise is quicker, and you can make various cooking!

  • Easy to operate

    Easy to operate

    The display and operation of temperature and timer can be done separately, so the operation is easier and it's easy to understand.

  • Buzzer function

    Buzzer function

    If the fermentation is complete, you will be notified by the sound of "pi pi pi pi" from the buzzer.
    The buzzer can be turned on/off by pressing the buzzer button.

The Evolution of Yogurtia S

Yogurtia S has made various improvements based on the requests from everyone who actually used Yogurtia.

We pay attention not only to clearly visible parts but also small parts that are inconspicuous, and we pursue the easiness of the usage.

Smart & Colorful Design

Green is added to the three colors of blue, pink, and white.
It makes more vivid and colorful lineup!

With the concept of "The Joyfulness in Making Fermented Food", we aimed for a fresh and playful design.

Smart & Colorful design

The Completion Time has Become Easier to Understand

If the remaining time is less than one hour, it will be displayed in minutes, and the remaining time can be known more accurately.

The Completion Time has Become Easier to Understand

Equipped with Buzzer Function

Yogurtia S is equipped with a buzzer, and the buzzer will sound to notify you at the end of fermentation.

Buzzer sound and operation sound can be set to ON or OFF.

Equipped with Buzzer Function

Cord Storage is Added

We installed a cord storage at the bottom of Yogurtia so that the bulky cords can be stored neatly.

Cord Storage is Added

The Accessories are Also Evolved!

Quick Click-and-close Screw on the Handle Lid

The quick screw is added on the inner container.
The quick screw is so easy to open and close, and can be closed tightly just by half a turn.

Also, there will be a "click" sound when closed, so it became easier to understand whether it's closed tightly or not.

Quick Click-and-close Screw on the Handle Lid

The Scale of The Inner Container is Easier to See

The scale is printed in black so it's easy to see.

The scale is printed with special processing that it's hard to come off with heat and friction.

The Scale of The Inner Container is Easier to See

A Specific, Easy-to-scoop Spoon

The new spoon has an angle of 20 degrees on the handle and the depth has also changed from 1.5 cm to 2 cm.

The angle makes it easy to disinfect even with a small microwave oven.

An Specific, Easy-to-scoop Spoon

Recipes of Famous Modern Cuisine by Junko Takagi (76 Recipes)

With the cooperation of Ms. Junko Takagi, the volume of the recipe book has been increased to 80 pages and 76 item!

Contains many excellent menus that haven't be introduced in the old recipes collection book.

It's known that if you cook foods by yourself at home, the taste will be conspicuously more delicious!
Please try to make them!

Recipes of Famous Modern Cuisine by Junko Takagi (76 Recipes)

List of Some Recipes

・Puru Puru Yogurt
・Beef Stroganoff
・Grilled avocado yogurt cheese
・Chicken karaage with salt koji
・Red rice amazake
・Kyoto-style white miso
・Pear and amazake smoothie
・Yogurt risotto
・Yogurt mousse
・Boiled spicy Chinese cabbage and fensi noodle
・Sweet potato amazake
・Oeuf ratatouille
・Yogurt corn soup
・Baked cheese cake
・Garlic pickles with salt koji
・Ricotta cheese pasta
・Pumpkin sweet sake
・Sōmen with soymilk soup with onsen-tamago on-top

These are Where the Yogurtia S is Special!

More precise in temperature control!
We give stable fermentation with a 30W heater

Yogurtia S features precise and powerful temperature control.

A common yogurt maker may not stabilize the temperature in the container and the fermentation may not proceed well.

Yogurtia S rises to the set temperature in a short time,
and thereafter, while sensing changes in ±0.3°C, Yogurtia S controls temperature with an accuracy within ±3°C.

Even when compared to the old model of Yogurtia, it reaches the set temperature faster. It will reach 40°C in 30 minutes and 60°C in 90 minutes.

This powerful heater also plays a role in maintaining heat stability.
When the sensor senses a drop in temperature inside the container, it heats up quickly to prevent the drop.

Comparative Experiment with Yogurt-maker of Other Brand

  • Temperature change in Yogurtia S' container

    Temperature change in the container of
    Yogurtia S

  • Temperature change in the container of other's yogurt maker

    Temperature change in the container of
    other's yogurt maker

New Yogurtia Made by Customer's Voice

In order to balance the simplicity and the ease of use, in Yogurtia S temperature and timer are operated separately, and they are displayed separately, also the LCD monitor is enlarged by 2.3 times.

It has a buzzer with on/off function, making it even easier to use.

All Products are Manufactured in Our Own Factory in Japan,
We are Confident in High Quality by Thorough Product Inspection

We commit to the "MADE IN JAPAN" and produce all of our products at our domestic plant in Japan.

We carefully inspected our products one by one, and implementing a long-term guarantee of three years (if you give us feedback by answering the questionnaire postcard).

The temperature control of Yogurtia S is using high technology and give you precise temperature control that other brands cannot do.

Experience the most joyful fermented-food-making with Yogurtia S!

Yogurtia S Standard Set Pink

Yogurtia S

" A Brand New Yogurtia that Changes Japanese Dining Table"

Product Details
The Specification of Yogurtia S

Model YS-01
Color Pink
Power supply 100V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption 30W
Container volume 1200ml
Container size Maximum outer diameter 140mm; height 145mm (with handle lid); height 126mm (without handle lid)
Dimensions Height 188mm; outer diameter 160mm
Preset temperature 25°C~70°C, ±3°C
Timer setting 30 minutes and 1~48 hours
Weight 760 grams
Warranty period 1 year (If you send questionnaire postcard response, it will be extended to 3 years guarantee)
Suitable for type of yeast/culture seed starter The yeast/culture starter that ferment at 25°C to 70°C
(Example) ABCT seed, Kefir, Caspian, commercial yogurt
Suitable for fermented foods Yogurt, amazake (sweet sake), shio koji (salt koji), shoyu koji, miso, natto, sourdough
Important points Yogurtia S is a heater/fermententation device that keeps the heat of set temperature.
We will guarantee the machine, but we can not guarantee the result of fermented food, so please notice beforehand.
Yogurtia S Pink
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